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Ebony Rae - Crafty Geeky Sassy
Creative Extraordinaire, 
(Maker of Cool Stuff)
San Diego, CA
  • Who am I: Hey, y’all hey, my name is Ebony Rae! I’m a girly girl, mixed with a little geek, tons of creativity, and a pop of sass.
  • My vibe is: I’m a chill Southern Californian, San Diego native. The 80’s made me and the 90’s raised me. You’ll see these influences with my style and the fun nostalgic items I create.
  • My life’s mission: To honor my Mom by following my dreams, inspiring others, spreading a little joy in this world, and giving back.
  • Why I do this: My mother has always encouraged me to be my unique self and to use my creative talents. She was was my biggest motivator, number one supporter, and encouraged me to do anything my heart desired. Unfortunately, my Mom passed away from breast cancer on August 3, 2017. I dedicated many years to being her caregiver as she battled breast cancer and after her passing, I felt lost and purposeless. This forced me to find a new purpose on this planet and I decided I’m going to put my crafting talents to great use. A portion of all sales from my Etsy shop will go towards the start-up of the Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation. I want to be able to help others throughout their journey with breast cancer by using my experiences with my Mother. Basically, I want to create so I can give back!
My Mom wearing a custom Ebony Rae Shop design!
My biggest motivator and #1 supporter
my beautiful Mom, Carolyn Toliver. Rocking a custom duct tape purse I made to match her outfit.
  • What I want to do next: Since the passing of my Mom I’ve had a lots of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. But after pulling myself up from the worse of days, I realized, I only have one life so I better put it to good use! I need to use my life experiences to help others and that’s what I plan to do. These are some of the things I’m putting into the universe with hopes of manifesting them.
    • Blogging more about my life experiences and things that I love.
    • Starting the Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation to provide love, joy and financial support to women as well as their caregiver family members throughout their journey with breast cancer. It’s what my Mom would’ve wanted me to do.
    • Writing a few ebooks to share my experience as a millennial caregiver, dealing with grief, and what its like being a motherless daughter at the age of 33.
    • I want to start another organization called Brightside Girls that combines my love my creativing with empowering young girls to be entrepreneurs.

Stay tuned as the manifestation happens!

Some of My Favorite Quotes:

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

Maya Angelou

Treat others better than they treat you.

Carolyn Toliver (my Momma)

My Work

I’m your go-to girl for one of a kind gifts and custom accessories you won’t find anywhere else! I create fun bow ties, unique handbags, cool wallets, and so much more. All items are handmade from unconventional recycled, up-cycled, and repurposed materials such as duct tape, comic books, candy boxes, newspapers, and whatever else I come across.

  • Duct Tape – I started my crafting journey with duct tape and it’s not just classic gray duct tape anymore! Nowadays it comes in your favorite characters, cool patterns, and vibrant colors. Duct tape is my favorite material to work with because it’s durable, water resistant and the design creations are endless. VIEW DUCT TAPE DESIGNS
  • Comic Books– What’s better than buying a comic book and letting it collect dust in a drawer or just tossing it? Making a one of a kind purse or wallet with it! That way you can have your comic book and wear it too! My comic book purses and wallets are a cool way to rep your fandom and have a unique handmade design.VIEW COMIC BOOK CREATIONS
  • Candy Boxes– With a major sweet tooth and love for quirky designs, I decided to upcycle a candy box and made a clever little wallet with it. I receive a ton of compliments when I use my Sweet Tarts wallet out and about so I had to make more. These wallets are unique, fun and anyone who loves candy has to have one! VIEW CANDY CREATIONS

Unique Designs– I enjoy making one of a kind designs that you won’t see anywhere else. I love finding materials that I can upcycle and put my crafty spin on them. My goal is to be original, have fun, and only create items I would wear myself or give as a gift. You’ll never know what you’ll see in my shop next! View Novelty Purses

Check out my original pop culture & geek chic inspired designs on Etsy. Find something nice for yourself or someone else! Just know, your purchase is going towards a great cause.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate your support! 💚

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