Having a GOT party for the last episode? Here’s a little Game of Thrones party inspiration for ya!

I can’t believe it’s really the last GOT Sunday coming up (sad face). I know many of us are unhappy with how this last season has been going, but what are we going to do about it (besides starting a petition)? Game of Thrones is still one of the most amazing shows ever and here’s how I’m celebrating its ending. Well technically, these pics are from how my friends I celebrated my birthday /the season 8 premiere. But, I plan on recreating this party decor for the finale. It will be a feast fit for Kings and Queens of the 7 Kingdoms. (Hehe)

Pin this for later for inspiration for your GOT party!

Take a look at the pics from our Game of Thrones birthday / season premiere party and use it has inspiration for your party!

Game of Thrones party decor with Iron Throne.
Game of thrones signs we made for the table decor. We were celebrating 2 birthdays as well as Game of Thrones starting back.
We had an ale tasting before the start of the episode.
The theme of the ale tasting was San Diego craft beers. (Since we live in San Diego and craft beer is popping here.)
Fire & Blood book for party decor.
More GOT table decorations.
DIY Iron Throne . I made this from an old lawn chair, cardboard, and spray paint.
Pin this for later for inspiration for your GOT party!
We made the party potluck style, everyone brought a dish for our spread.
Yummy vegetarian jackfruit tacos. We tricked the meat eaters. (Hehe)
I loooooove cheese and bread.
Cheese, bread, and meat spread.
Lobster tails and lupias.
If you’ve never had lupias, you need to try them!
Lobster tails.
Pin this for later for inspiration for your GOT party!

Here are some of the items we used for the Game of Thrones party decor. We purchased many of the items from Party City and we also printed out stuff we found online. (My apologies for the blurry pics below.)

Game of Throne Death Pool
We had everyone complete a GOT Death Pool. We need to check the final results on Sunday.
One of my many Game of Thrones shirts. I found this Jon Snow shirt on Amazon. Let it Snow!
I got this Tyrion Lannister shirt for my boyfriend. “I drink and I know things.”
We picked up these GOT decorations from Party City. But you can always make and print your own.
Game of Thrones party decorations from Party City.
Game of Thrones sigils for party decor.
Plates and napkins for the GOT party.
Game of Thrones sigils balloons. We didn’t use them yet.

So what’s your plan for the last episode? I’ll be eating cheese and drinking wine while sitting on my Iron Throne!

Thanks for checking me out!\

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