My Marvelous Marvel & Whiskey Tasting Birthday Party!

My friends know every year for my birthday, we’re having a themed party. Last year’s theme was Marvel & Whiskey in honor of the Avengers: Infinity War movie that came out on my birthday. This year, Avengers: Endgame will be released the day before my birthday and I’m so excited to see it! I was contemplating having an Avengers themed birthday but decided to have a Game of Thrones Party (I’ll be posting about that later) since I already did Marvel. But I wanted to share how we put together this Marvelous party in case you’re thinking of having one. If you are thinking about having a Marvel themed party, you should! It’s the perfect time to re-watch your favorite movies leading up to the big finale, taste some new spirits, and catch up with friends.

Here’s how I threw a marvelous Marvel & Whiskey Tasting party in 5 easy steps!

1. Get a shirt!

Tell everyone to get a Marvel themed shirt. It’s your party, decide what theme you want. You can stick to Avenger characters or just say Marvel and let your guest decide which character they want to wear.

Here are some of the shirts we wore for the party.

2. Choose your spirit and get bottles!

My friends and I love getting together every few months and having a tasting party as way of catching up and trying new foods and drinks. After to many wine tasting parties, we had to switch it up. We started with Tacos & Tequila. From their forward we tried a different spirit each party. Since none of us are big whiskey drinkers, I chose whiskey for my Marvel themed party. My friend did a little research on which Whiskeys to try and assigned us each a bottle to bring. She provided bottles of waters and mixers.

These are we Whiskeys we tried: Crown Royal, Dwars, Evan Willams, Jameson, Jameson Black Barrel, and Macallan.

Mixers for after the tasting.

3. Food & Decor

We like for everyone to pitch in with these parties so it’s not left on one person to provide everything. Same as with the drinks, each person is responsible for bringing one food item. My friend whose house we had the party at has kids, so she used their toys as the decor for the party. Smart way to have fun party decor on a budget. She also made a yummy Double Chocolate Whiskey Cake with Whiskey Ganache (link to recipe on Pinterest) for dessert.

Adult Marvel themed party decor using kid’s Spider man, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man action figures toys.
Marvel party Decor using kid's toys and picture print out.

Adult Marvel party Decor using kid’s toys and picture print out.
Easy Marvel themed party decor on a budget.
Easy party decor on a budget!
Double Chocolate Whiskey Cake and Hulk hand decor for adult Marvel themed party.
My friend made this yummy Double Chocolate Whiskey Cake for desert. Chocolate cake with a kick!

4. Eat and let the tasting being!

A few basic whiskey tasting tips for you.

  • You’re tasting spirits so make sure everyone eats because if you’re light weight, you can get drunk pretty quickly or have a nasty hangover. Even if you’re a professional whiskey drinker you need to make sure you have food on your stomach, eat up buttercup!
  • Tips for which whiskeys to try and how to drink them.
  • We usually try about 6 different brands. The key with the whiskey tasting is pouring about an ounce or two and sipping your drink slowly.
  • Here are some ideas and more tips from my Pinterest board to help you have the best tasting experience with whichever spirit you choose.

5. Have a good time with your tribe!

It’s all about having a good time and how you do that is up to you. My friends aren’t heavy into Marvel movies like I am. We had the last Avengers movie playing in the background as we did our tasting. If your friends are into the Marvel movies, then you guys can make a full day out of it by actually watching the movies together (you decide which ones). You can try some fun Marvel drinking games. This party can also be used as a pre-game before going out to watch the newest movie (just don’t get to drunk). Meet up with your shirts, do a mini tasting, and Uber out to the movies. It’ll make your movie watching experience pretty fun, not so much for the fellow moviegoers around you tho. Lol.

I’m a huge fan of the Hulk so I had to get a Hulk smash hand to go along with my shirt. It’s great for holding a bottle. lol.

At the end out our tasting we voted on which Whiskey was our favorite. Out of the 6+ whiskeys we sampled, Jameson was hands down the favorite!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed our tasting (maybe not). Are you into tasting parties? What have you tried and what should we try next? Tell me in the comments.

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