Watch “Grey’s Anatomy S15 Ep 19 (RECAP) on YouTube! Grab your tissues cause it’s deep!” on YouTube

Whew, chile! Grey’s Anatomy was DEEP, y’all! Don’t mind the wet stuff coming down my face, something was in my eye. Lol. It was a very emotional episode to say the least.

  • Jo finally meets her MOM and the story wasn’t what she expected to hear.
  • A woman named Abby, comes into the ER with a gash on her face. Her story causes all the women in Grey/Sloan Memorial to band together to support for her.
  • Dr. Bailey’s son Tuck gets the talk. Lol.

Check me out as I watch this emotional episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 19. Listen as I watch and give you a play by play.

Please tell me yours thoughts about this episode of Grey’s Anatomy in the comments!

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