It’s just hair… Dye it fun colors this Spring! Check out my colorful hair dye color ideas.

Spring has sprung and it always makes me want to dye my hair colorful spring colors like pink or just try something crazy like green hair. Throughout the years I’ve had a ton of fun experimenting with different hair colors. I’m not afraid of trying new colors and you shouldn’t be either! I mean, it’s just hair and you can always change it back or just buy a wig. Hehe. I’ve been dying my hair since my Mom first allowed me at 16-years-old and I’ve never looked back. I’ve had some amazing hair colors that I’ll try again and some WTF was I thinking moments. The best thing is that I love expressing myself through my hair. It’s wild, colorful, and crazy, just like me!

Take a walk down my hair memory lane and hopefully I can give you some hair-inspiration!

My hair turned this awkward green color after several washes removed my hair dye.
Then I had my hair black with tips dyed red.
Then I dyed all of my hair this reddish auburn color.
Bleached my hair blond with green tips.
Bleached my hair back honey blond.
Then I added pink tips to honey blond hair.

This is one of my hair color experiments that I never posted. Live a little!

Natural hair dyed Honey blond with pink and green tips.
Honey blond hair with pink and green tips.
Pink faded so I did a green bang for my hair.
Then I said F it and dyed my whole head green. Loved my green hair!
Switched my hair up and tried a violet purplish pink hair color.
Then I bleached it back honey blond.
Went with a lighter blond.
Found some left over fuchsia hair dye and decided to give it a try.
Here I am currently back to lightest blond.

Not sure what I plan on doing next with my natural hair. Sometimes I want to try dark hair since I haven’t worn my black hair in a long while but IDK and I’ll keep y’all updated on my next hair color. Thanks for checking me out. Please follow me, tell a friend or 1000s of them and see ya next time!

Have you tried any crazy hair colors or do you want to? Tell me what colors you want to try or which of my hair colors you liked best in the comments.

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