Allow me to reintroduce myself……

“My name is HOV!” Just kidding. But, I love that Jay Z line and thought it would be a good intro since I’m reintroducing myself and my Crafty Geeky Sassy blog to the world! Hell-o world!

My name is Ebony Rae. I’m a girl’s girl mixed with a little geek, tons of creativity, and a pop of sass! I love sharing my creative passions and life experiences to those who may enjoy it and whoever can benefit from it.

My goal with this blog is to…

This is my first official blog post for the “Ebony Rae- Crafty Geeky Sassy blog“. I created this blog as a representation of myself and a way to put some fun stuff out into the universe. I’m all over the place (in a fun creative way) and this blog will be too. Some of my blog topics will include:

  • Sharing the unique upcycled, recycled & repurposed creations that I make. Check out my Etsy shop. 😉
  • Teach you how to make some of the easy DIY projects that I come across, especially for the holidays (I love Pinterest).
  • Take you on my soul searching spiritual journey. My Mom passed away Aug 3rd, 2017 and I’ve been trying to find my life purpose ever since.
  • Give you a glimpse into my sunny San Diego life with beaches and tacos. I drive Uber/ Lyft all over the town, so you never know when blog inspiration may strike.
  • I really look forward to showing you a bit of my crafty, geeky & sassy personality. Some say I’m a little witty, and I guess you’ll be the judge of that if you stick around. Which, I hope you will!!

About The Stuff I Make.

I’m your go-to girl for one-of-a-kind accessories and unique gift ideas you won’t find anywhere else! I create fun bow ties, unique handbags, cool wallets, and so much more. All of my creations are made from duct tape, re-purposed and upcycled materials. If I can find a way to upcycle something and get a little more use out of it before tossing it out, I will!

My favorite material to make stuff with is duct tape. I started making duct tape wallets in 2011 after I saw a tutorial on a blog. I made my own wallet and loved it, then I tried a few purses, and loved those too! Gave a few out as gifts then next thing you know I set-up a booth and started selling them at local craft fairs. After doing duct tape for a while I switched my game up and added upcycling comic books, newspaper, candy boxes, cereal boxes, and anything else I can find around the house or the Dollar to repurpose. You’ll never know what you will see in my shop next. #reducereuserecycle

Where my passion comes from…

I’m a creator & maker at heart. I’ve always loved being different and making my own things so I could have something unique that no one else would have. Throughout the years crafting has always been more of a hobby with hopes of turning it into a full-time business that could employ other creative people.

In July 2016 I was laid off from my job of 8 years as an event coordinator when the company was sold, which was actually a blessing in disguise. It gave me the opportunity to be there as a full-time caregiver for my Mom in her final year as she battled breast cancer. My mom was one my #1 supporter and always encouraged me to follow my creative dreams.

With my Mom always in mind, I’m determined to put my creative talents to good use and build my creative empire. My goal is to bring a little joy with my creations as well as honor my Mom by giving back. A portion of all proceeds from everything that I do will be donated to the “Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation. A foundation I’m creating in memory of my Mom to help women battling breast cancer as well as their family member caregivers.

Where I’m going…

This year I’ve decided I’m going to go hard with my creative passions and with my goal of starting a non-profit. I’m also working on a few Millenial help guides for caregivers and those of use that are coping with grief. Stay tuned for everything that I have in store. I’m claiming 2019 as an amazing year for me and all of you!

I hope you enjoyed my first post and you’re looking forward to reading more from me. You can always tweet me at @craftygeekysass , follow me on Instagram @craftygeekysassy , and like my Facebook page @craftygeekysassy .

Tell me about some of the posts you’d like to see from me in the comments below.

Thanks for checking me out and see ya next time! ✌

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